September Mornings (2021)

The journey of Cassandra, who starts to see things get on track in her life with a place of her own for the first time, a boyfriend who she loves, Ivaldo, a job as a courier in downtown São Paulo, and fulfilling her dream of being a cover artist of Vanusa, a famous Brazilian singer from the 70s. Her life takes an unexpected turn, however, when her ex, Leide, shows up with Gersinho and claims he is Cassandra’s son.

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Sep 23, 2022


Jun 25, 2021

1. Just For Tonight

Cassandra is an independent trans woman who works as a delivery app motorbike courier and singer in drag shows impersonating Vanusa. She has a steady relationship with Ivaldo and just rented a studio apartment. Finally a place of her own! But her unheard-of son shows up unexpectedly, turning Cassandra’s world upside down. After rejecting Gersinho and Leide, she finds out they’re homeless.

Jun 25, 2021

2. Stop Calling Me Dad!

Cassandra takes Leide and Gersinho in for the night, but Leide begs her to let them stay. She gives them two days but rejects the boy who insists on calling her “dad”. Worse yet, Decio and Aristides stop by to meet the boy. Feeling that her life and freedom have been stolen, she takes refuge at her friend Roberta’s place. Meanwhile, Ivaldo wants to surprise her and finds out she has a son.

Jun 25, 2021

3. Gersinho

Cassandra is alone with Gersinho while Leide is looking for a job. She tries to get closer to Ivaldo who is upset because she never mentioned she had a son. She’s on the edge. But a gesture from Gersinho makes her feel connected to him. Meanwhile, Leide sleeps with a man on Cassandra’s bed. She catches them, throws Leide out and tells her to stay out of her life and take the boy with you.

Jun 25, 2021

4. Take It Or Leave It

Cassandra and Ivaldo make up but argue upon realizing they’ve been together for a year. Decio and Aristides take Leide and Gersinho in. Leide starts helping Ari at a charity bazaar and steals clothes in order to pay for a boarding house. Cassandra rescues Gersinho and Ari from a bar brawl and gets closer to her son, but falls apart after Leide reveals a transphobic attitude.

Jun 25, 2021

5. That's Right, Baby, Enjoy!

Cassandra wants to forget Ivaldo and has a party while he tries to reconnect with his family. Ari finds out Leide stole and kicks her out. Gersinho stays with a friend and Leide is back on the streets. Gersinho is chosen to represent the school in a math tournament out of town. Leide and Cassandra join forces for the first time to help Gersinho get to the tournament.