Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure (2023)

A major incident has occurred in the peaceful Sky Land!? The young Princess Eru has been kidnapped by the monsters of Underg Empire! A brave young girl, Sora, follows the princess through a mysterious hole. "TV"? "Cars"? Are those some kind of magic tools!?!? But there's no time to be surprised! She has to get the princess back to the castle...! Flying between two worlds! The adventure with the Pretty Cure begins now! It's hero time!

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Episode 44
Dec 10, 2023

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Prism Shine! Illuminate Your Heart
Dec 03, 2023


Akira Sekine

as Sora Harewataru / Cure Sky (voice)

Ai Kakuma

as Mashiro Nijigaoka / Cure Prism (voice)

Aoi Koga

as Ellee-chan / Princess Ellee (voice)

Ayumu Murase

as Tsubasa Yuunagi / Cure Wing (voice)

Ayaka Nanase

as Ageha Hijiri / Cure Butterfly (voice)



Action & Adventure


Sci-Fi & Fantasy