Beasts Like Us (2024)

Natalie, Raffi, Simon and Lukas in a new para-normal. Monstrous creatures and humans live side by side, more or less harmoniously. At least that's true in theory. Because sometimes it is quite tricky to fend off a monster attack without violating the "Creature Rights Charter" and the exclusion of vampires from public pension insurance triggers a discrimination debate - headaches are inevitable. But the group's biggest problems remain interpersonal ones: in the midst of the supernatural chaos, the four young adults struggle with the big and small dramas of adulthood, love and thus finding their place in the world - although zombies, vampires and other beasts don't necessarily exist make it easier.

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Episode 8
Feb 14, 2024


Cosima Henman

as Natalie

Jing Xiang

as Raffi

Jakob Schmidt

as Simon

Benedikt Kalcher

as Lukas