Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall (2022)

The year is 2062. Earth has been left in ruin after the failure of a labor automation project when the AI called Artemis waged war against humanity. A girl, Empress, awakens in a research lab. As one of the three surviving guardians, she must destroy the Orbital Elevator before Artemis can complete its construction. Failure will result in a machine army overrunning Earth.

Next episode

May 22, 2022

Last episode

May 15, 2022


Yui Ishikawa

as Empress (voice)

Saori Hayami

as Dead Master (voice)

Megumi Han

as Strength (voice)

Takuya Kirimoto

as Colonel "David" (voice)

Ayaka Asai

as Monica (voice)

Misaki Kuno

as Black Trike (voice)

Tomokazu Sugita

as Smiley (voice)

Akane Tomonaga

as Lunatic (voice)

Saya Horigome

as Norito (voice)

Asuka Itou

as Miya (voice)



Action & Adventure

Sci-Fi & Fantasy