My Family (2022)

Haruto Narusawa, the president of a video game company, enjoys life in the affluent seaside town of Kamakura with his wife and daughter, who attends an elementary school. However, tragedy befalls this happy family when his daughter is kidnapped. Haruto must now face numerous hardships as he navigates through the complex web of human nature that begins to show its ugliness. The only way to save his beloved daughter is to take matters into his own hands without the police's involvement and, together with his wife, stand against the kidnappers. Can this family's story reach a happy ending? Or will theirs be a tragedy? This non-stop family suspense-thriller tests the bonds of a family facing life's worst nightmare.

Next episode

May 22, 2022

Last episode

May 15, 2022


Kazunari Ninomiya

as Haruto Narusawa

Mikako Tabe

as Michiru Narusawa

Miyū Ōshima

as Tomoka Narusawa

Kento Kaku

as Aoi Miwa

Gaku Hamada

as Itsuki Todo

Kunito Watanabe

as Yusuke Bizen

Sawako Fujima

as Aya Suzuki

Hiroshi Tamaki

as Keishi Katsuragi

Takaya Sakoda

as Nanahiko Kusakabe

Maryjun Takahashi

as Kanako Tatewaki