May It Please The Court (2022)

Noh Chak-hee, the ace lawyer of the big law firm, Jangsan, becomes a public defender overnight and must defend the criminal who killed her loved one.

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Episode 5
Oct 05, 2022

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Episode 4
Sep 28, 2022


Jung Ryeo-won

as Roh Chak-hee

Lee Kyoo-hyung

as Jwah Si-baek

Jung Jin-young

as Jang Ki-do

Kim Hye-eun

as Oh Ha-ran

Kim Sang-ho

as Shin Chi-shik

Park So-jin

as Jang Yi-yeon

Go Gyu-pil

as Do Young-su

Hong Seo-joon

as Oh Dae-hyun

Lee Sang-hee

as Yoo Kyung-jin