Black Cake (2023)

Eleanor Bennett loses her battle with cancer, leaving her children a flash drive that holds untold stories of her journey from the Caribbean to America; the stories shock her children and challenge everything they know about their family's origin.

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Nine Night
Dec 06, 2023

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Birth Mother
Nov 29, 2023


Chipo Chung

as Eleanor Bennett

Rupert Evans

as James Everett

Ashley Thomas

as Byron

Adrienne Warren

Rebecca Calder

as Mrs. Quintrell

Cara Horgan

as Mildred

Tom McKay

as Bossman

Mia Isaac

as Covey

Faith Alabi

as Pearl Thomas

Trish Williams

as LA Mall Goer

Lashay Anderson

as Bunny Pringle

Simon Wan

as Lin

Created by

Marissa Jo Cerar